Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tagged by Molly!

Ok I've been tagged, have picked up the book I'm reading, flicked to the appropriate pages/lines and cringed because the book isn't a non-fiction 'safe' book to share - the particular page, whilst interesting to me, might be seen as controversial to some readers. So I am hereby giving a warning to anyone reading this, the book may not be your cup of tea.

It's called 'The Inquisition'By Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh and deals with not only the Spanish Inquisition but the Roman Inquisition, their dealing with heretics, Protestants and witches and all that lot of history which doesn't need to be explained in detail here - except that I will say that the torture methods described demonstrate the unique ability of man to be ever so 'creative' and 'imaginative'. What a pity we couldn't find better use for those talents. I'm sure those of you interested will read or have read, similar so let's leave it at that.

here we go: Page 123, Line 5 - the next 3 lines read as follows.
"This is not to say that persecution of the irrational demonic ceased. The ferreting out of witches, warlocks and other adherents of the old pagan religion continued, even gained momentum; and the newly established Protestant churches were as zealous in harrying them as Rome"

"Luther himself inveighed against the devil and against witchcraft, and Protestant religious leaders of all denominations quickly followed suit."

"Protestantism could be as intolerant, as narrow-minded, as bigoted, ignorant and brutal as the Inquisition itself"

Ok - there goes a good percentage of my blog audience! Apologies to those offended - this is history, not my personal opinion.

And since I'm really new to this and don't know many other bloogers yet - I'll send this to just one (since Molly tagged me) and that is Kate at Hills Seed Savers.

Thanks Molly!


Kate said...

Now I understand what you are talking about! I thought you must have been drinking too much limoncello to put such a cryptic comment on my blog!I don't think I can put this on our seedsavers blog but I will do it on my personal blog

Cathode said...

"intolerant, as narrow-minded, as bigoted, ignorant and brutal as the Inquisition itself"
isn't that a description of just about ALL religions?

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

Hmmm! Look clouds are coming over. Was that a red-tailed cockatoo? Nice view from my seat up here on the fence! (Ignoring my husbands comments of 'Don't be gutless)

I'll leave this one to people (blessed or otherwise)to comment on. :)

P.S Merrily met Cathode - though I couldn't find your blog. Welcome!