Thursday, November 6, 2008

An award! Cool!

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Thanks Molly! Very sweet!
Ok - I'm nominating 'Herbaholic's Herbarium' because I have used so many of the recipes from this beautiful blog. Molly you really should visit it if you haven't already - you would love it!

Today has been a fruitful day (wait for the pun...) because I made a batch of Loquat Chutney- hee hee...oh gawd, just as well I find myself amusing. Anyway, never done it before and it turned out AMAZING if I do say so myself. I'm planning to make another batch up real quick before the last of the loquats drop or get attacked by the Twenty Eights. Such a small window of opp with these fruit.

Evil Plant buying Alliance - you'll get a jar each for christmas!

Also - heard about Soy melts the other day and found out the are available at our local markets so I'm off for a look this weekend. Does anyone else use them? Have a source? If so can you tell me what scents you've seen about and rough prices?



TheCrone said...

I get soy melts! I like the floral scents, not the foody scents.

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

Cool Crone - I should have known you would!
So where from? and how much should I be looking at as a reasonable price.
Dusk had soy candles for $25, but I didn't like any of their smells.
I saw Wicked Wicks had a Green TEa scent - but I can't smell it over the net before I buy!

Anonymous said...

I have noooooo idea what soy melt thingies are lol

LOVE that website Nat, thanks!


Cathode said...

I love loquats, just hate peeling the buggers. I usually just pull off the furry end and suck it all out : )

oO, I keep forgetting to tell you that Crone left some henna seedss with me for you.
Are you coming to my do on Sunday? if so I'll bring them with me.

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

Cat: see message I left at your blog.

Molly - soy melts are like wax (the sort you melt in a burner).
You can buy soy candles too. I was looking into it because a. Soy is sustainable (no petroleum by-product use), b. The soy candles burn for much longer than parrafin ones and c. they throw a better/stronger scent because they burn at a cooler temp.

Having said that - I've been reading a new book whose author doesn't necessarily think the use of soy is all that environmentally sound either.
Do we grow soy in Australia? Must look that up.

Oh ignorance would SO be bliss!