Saturday, December 6, 2008

Garden Proud?

Due to some changes in circumstances our family gathering is now being held at OUR place! The deal was "ok we''ll provide the venue, but everyone else has to bring the food!" And do you know - as the idea settled with me I found my first thought not to be 'Oh my gosh, we'll have to make the house look real nice...but Oh my gosh - we have to get the garden looking nice!!!'. Can you be 'gardenproud' instead of houseproud? I think I might be!

So the bed that was only half a bed of natives because nothing will grow in it, partly because it's in some shade and partly because I 've been stingy with the water, has now been planted up with divisions from anything and everything in the garden, and watered and mulched well. The plan is to water everything really well for the next 3 weeks (we can be stingy after to make up for it!) and hopefully have things looking reasonable for christmas day.
The patch we call 'lawn' will be a stretch, but it'll have to do. Must remember to add a pic later to remind me of the difference 3 weeks can - or can't make!

If nothing else I hope none of the divided plants die. Hubby's decided this might be a good excuse to finally paint the hallway too. Aah, motivation comes in weird and wonderful ways! Just need to keep the kids from hurling their Matchbox cars at the walls for a week or two after.

With christmas comes thoughts of new year and new year resolutions. Anyone else starting to think of those?
I have a few - as usual - in the pipeline. This year it was about establishing better routines to get organised, and admittedly it took me about 10 months, but we are finally at a point where we are functioning reasonably well, in between the odd laundry avalanche.

In the past I used to make a resolution (expecting to do it immediately), stick to it for a few weeks, get disheartened about not maintaining it after 3 weeks and let it go. This year was better. I'm learning that habits are hard to break and take time to replace with new ones. I am giving myself a YEAR to learn the new 2009 habits. That's realistic, and motivating because there's always time to hop back on that wagon if you happen to slide off once in a while.

What about you?


Anonymous said...

Your garden is just delightful as it is Nat,you have a gorgeous surround for your get together!

As for New Years resolutions I haven't made any in years, either I'm too complacent, enjoy my bad habits or I'm happy with where I'm at lol

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

And I envy you all those reasons Molly!