Thursday, March 19, 2009

Good news...sort of...

Our youngest munchkin has had a wheat allergy since the age of 11 months, so we thought, resulting in chronic eczema every time wheat was ingested. We were told most children grow out of their allergies by the time they're 3, but this wasn't the case with younger munchkin, and in fact we've been noticing more and more things that seem to be causing allergies. With this in mind, and the worry of the development of asthma and further allergies, we decided we had waited long enough now to see if the allergies would go away by themselves, and now we would look at the desensitisation option. So today we took younger Munchkin to an allergy/immunologist and found out Munchkin DOESN'T have a wheat allergy per say (though yes wheat is having a negative effect). It could be Coeliacs or a partdermatology type eczema. That bit remains a mystery but the good news for munchkin is the doctor recommended trialling small amounts of wheat again, while being very careful to keep Munchkin's skin in very good, moisturised condition and see what happens. Munchkin got to have an icecream cone today, complete with cone, for being so brave, and you never saw a child enjoy one quite so much!

We did find out our suspicions of dust mites was correct. Munchkin tested positive to dustmites, pollen and 3 types of grass. The kiwi and pineapple is being tested next time.

So now an order has been placed for the desensitasation stuff (gets made into a lozenge to be dissolved under tongue - no injections for paeds - yay!) and we wait 6 weeks for it to arrive from France. The treatment continues for 3 years or so and hopefully within 6 months we'll start to see results.

I feel relieved to have been able to do something about this finally, especially a no pain option because when we first looked into desensitisation a few years ago the option was needles every week and not something we wanted to do to our little one. Fingers crossed now that the treatment will work out successfully and we work out what's happening with wheat.

Have to say though - that we're not too keen to change our wheat free diet. It has been good for us as a family in terms of varying our diet, especially grains.
Sometimes blessings are hidden.


Cathode said...

Yeah, I'd definately stick on your regular diet ... at least until Coeliac is fully ruled out.

poor wee man.

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

What a happy munchkin though! LOVES those tiny teddies that everyone else has eaten around him for years.!