Saturday, March 14, 2009

Help! Rotten Egg Smell Problem!

We have a chook who is clucky and noticed the most putrid smell coming from her nest.
I went to investigate today (after taking a day or two to work up the courage) and it looks like there's a rotten egg that's broken. She and her eggs were in a wet smelly puddle.
I took all her eggs from under her and cleaned them up with a warm wet cloth the best I could, transferred her to a clean nest and cleaned her up too. I'm guessing there may be one or two more that are rotten that she's sitting on and only hope they don't break before the chicks hatch. They are due in 3 days.

Anyway the trouble is I now STINK of rotten eggs - AFTER a really really good scrub in the shower. I can't get the smell off my hands and I'm supposed to be going out this afternoon.

Is there are remedy for this? I'll try anything!


Anonymous said...

Tomato juice should work Nat :)

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

Wish I'd read this before I left! I tried lemons, bicarb, vinegar, detergent, metal soap(the one you use for onions), salt, shampoo and soap.
Will try the tomato juice now. Kicking myself that I didn't think to call you - should have known that YOU'd have a remedy!

Anonymous said...

LOL, let me know if it worked, it does for skunk odour I've read!!!