Thursday, August 19, 2010

EXTREME!!!! I'll give you extreme!!!

I did something so out of character today. I got MAD in public at a man in a shop.

I was waiting in car while Hubby went inside the store. While I was sitting there, I read the posters and notices on the window. One of the was a huge poster with labels reading 'Ban Fishing', 'Ban shooting' and 'Ban 4wding' - 'Stop the Extreme Greens before they stop our sports'.
I sat there reading this rubbish and suddenly felt really mad. I can deal with the to and fro that goes on between political parties but THIS crossed the line. THIS was ABSOLUTE RUBBISH!
I got out, found hubby and said 'Look, is this the only place we can get this thing from?. He's looking at me strangely and says ' - why?'
'Because I don't want to shop here. Have you seen the posters?' He looked, saw (the place was plastered in them) and understood. We thanked the owner, but told him not to worry about the item, and went to walk out.

The owner asked me what the problem was .....and (I still can't believe it) I told him. I said I didn't like his posters - they were utterly untrue, and people will believe that kind of stuff.
He said "Well that's the truth." I replied 'No it's not - those are complete LIES. The Greens have never said they would ban fishing or anything. That's totally misrepresented. They only want to have it managed so that future generations can enjoy the same lifestyle we do. We fish, and shoot (only rabbits for conservation purposes) and still vote Green.
He said - 'Yeah well I'm a conservationist love, but you've to read the fine print'.
Hubby, who'd already made it to the door, has now returned to drag me away from what is becoming a scene (customers are staring). As I get exited I cry 'I HAVE read small print - that's HOW I know!!!

Then I sat in the car totally abashed. What was I thinking? I never cause scenes. I keep my opinions to myself in public. Weird - is it the diet? I just got sooooo mad at how outrageous the poster is.

Anyway - for those of you wondering about the small print. The Green's do NOT want to ban fishing - especially as a sport (nor are the other claims accurate). Their suggesions for restraint apply to commercial fishing, not recreational. And as for the 'ban', the fine print reads...and I quote

"It is not 30% of the marine environment (as some parts of the fishing lobby is erroneously claiming) but 30% of the marine reserve areas."

Yeah I know, EXTREME huh?!


TheCrone said...

Fantastic CG! Down with the inner good girl who never speaks up! I have seen some Political rubbish bandied around atm that's left me gobsmacked.

Lucky-1 said...

You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

Thanks guys. Funny thing I read last night that with Mercury in retrograde (a quote I don't actually understand it all) apparently people will be voicing their opinions more openly. I pulled a throat chakra card last night too... it's in the air at the moment!

I will try to aim for a more diplomatic approach next time though..getting hysterical in a shop is a little extreme!
Calm thoughts....