Thursday, August 19, 2010

OMG what have we got ourselves into!

We're trying to stay chirpy about it all. Hubby has been a great sport and so have the kids althought younger munchkin confessed to me this afternoon this 'diet thing in the book is stupid mum' - 'stupid' being his strongest word. Luckily he was ok after we chatted again about why this was important, and that it's only for 2 weeks. 'We can do it!' I encouraged enthusiastically. I think I sounded convincing.

THANK THE GODDESS it's only 2 weeks is all I can say. It is killing me feeding my family the sort of stuff we have avoided like the plague for years. I actually felt embarrassed loading white sugar, Pretzels, and Crisps on the counter at Coles - what a way to feed a family.

It feels like all we're eating is sugar and carbs. It would help if the stores stocked the stuff we are craving - like the soy yoghurt and cream cheese. That would go a long way towards increasing the range of meals we could make. Unfortunately Coles and Woolworths don't carry the stuff. There is a Soylife Vanilla one - but they had to go and stick 160b in it didn't they?

So far I have definitely learned something - that it is really hard for the people out there who are intolerant to things to access the products they need. I didn't appreciate how easy shopping is for us. I have new sympathy for those who deal with it always.

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