Saturday, September 4, 2010

Some respite

It's been one heck of a week - the kind that reminds you how cruisy things are usually. I was well and truly burnt out by last night.

The good parts are that a: we have an official 'everything is ok with your child and no diagnosis of any kind is needed' from the paediatrician. Elder munchkin is just 'bright' and 'a little different', and "we are all different and need to allow for people's individuality' said the paediatrician. I could have hugged him! This is what we've felt/hoped the whole time - but you start to doubt yourself - am I being blind to my child's issues because I want everything to be ok? Am I in denial? At least now we have it officially.

It doesn't detract from the fact that Elder munchkin does need some support with a few things - but things are happening to make progress in those areas so I'm just happy to accept that what we need is patience, and time and things will work out.

The other thing - is that we've had some really positive behaviours from both the Munchkins the last couple of days, and I'm wondering if the diet is helping after all. We've added salicylates and everything is fine - I'm rejoicing at this part because I was fearing all those tomato seeds I'd planted wouldn't be used!

I'm starting to think nitrates and sulphites could be the nasties.

For anyone interested there is an organic, preservative free butcher in Mundaring who has great meat products, and best of all nitrate free ham! It tastes amazing - way better than normal ham. He'll also make sausages up for you using YOUR ingredients. So you can take in your own organic garlic, and herbs and he'll make them up. The only condition is that you have to do it in 8kg lots (to make it worthwhile) - it's pricey, but terrific we think.

Anyway - It's been an exhausting process the last few weeks but I've learnt heaps about all sorts of things, so that's a positive too I guess. One thing though that has struck me, is that I'm starting to feel a little angry at how narrow our perceptions of how a child is 'meant' to be, has become.
Where has the freedom to be 'different', 'themselves', 'creative', and 'individual' gone? Supposedly we are in a society which 'nurtures' children and their potential. I'm feeling a little disillusioned with that view at the moment. My experiences lately have shown that those things are fine as long as they sit within very narrow goal posts and are 'convenient' to the school system. And as a teacher, that's extremely disheartening to learn.


Cathode said...

I am glad the paed said everything is okay :)

The exclusion diet seems pretty full on. I so wouldn't be able to manage that.

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

It wasn't fun let me tell you!!!!
A house full of people with cravings was 'interesting'!
We've added all bar the nitrates, sulphites, and recognised nasties (the additives/preservatives and colourings - even natural that can affect things). That and some stuff from the naturopath seems to be helping. Having said that Elder Munch is going back to hospital for another set of grommets too. It never rains, only pours!