Thursday, July 21, 2011

Women's Circle

I have just recently joined a Women's Circle which has newly established here in the Hills. It's something I've wanted to do for a while, but hesitated because of the politics and ego I had experienced in a similar set-up years ago. This seems to be the right one for me though. What a wonderful group of women. No egos, no politics, no power plays. Just a diverse gathering of women, sharing, for the sole purpose of encouraging and supporting one another's personal and spiritual growth.

I'm really enjoying the richness of the gatherings I'm attending lately, whether it's here or drumming, or a Choice Theory evening or whatever. I'm starting to feel out my niche, where I feel I belong. Late bloomer or what?
Painting by Molly Roberts


Cathode said...

That's great Nat!

I am having the opposite atm. Finding what a true lack of support I have here and that everything I am involved with is power plays and egos :(
To be fair, half the stuff I am involved in is connected to (if not outright with) Local Council.

I love the painting!

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

Local Council will involve people with agendas - and I don't say that in a cynical way, just that that's the nature of it. When there's an end goal involving money, reputation etc (which they do)there will be jostling.

You have family, and the EPBA if nothing else! (and I think that counts for a bit actually!) Remember to lean our way when the council get to be too much. :)

And yes - I love the painting too. I've been looking for something similar to hang in our house. Absolutely love it.