Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Feels different

Feels different this 'garden for a living' thing. If we're going to give this a decent go we need to get growing. So I'm treating this as a job and got up early, did my usual chores before school, dropped kids off, did the reading circle thing then came home to.....work!

Have improved beds, dug trenches, planted broad beans, tatsoi, pioneer red dwarf beans, spring onions, daikon radish, beetroot and perpetual spinach. If nothing else we'll be eating well ourselves this year!

It feels really different, but I like it. Working from home is great - I'm disciplined enought to do it, and the travel time saved gives me time to fit the chores in. I hope this does take off, and when I can't manage it in 3 days anymore, then H can take it over fulltime and I'll take up more days at 'other work'. Which, incidentally is proving to be a market for our produce too!
A colleague noticed me borrow some gardening books yesterday and said she pays a fortune for organic food (because she refuses to buy conventional) but it's often old or comes from interstate. She said if we were growing she'd happily buy off us, and she feels many other staff would too.

Opportunities abound!

My back hurts, but I'm happy! :)

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