Wednesday, April 9, 2014


A new chapter is opening for us.

After years of trying to find some resolution to ongoing problems at school, we've finally come to the conclusion that the problems cannot by aided by the school and that in fact they are being exacerbated by the contact there.
So we made to decision to homeschool part-time (it's all I can manage between work). The first hurdle was the Dept telling me that this wasn't allowed. That we had to either go fulltime or nothing.
I queried this as I know of a couple of other families who part-time homeschool last year. The reply was, 'Only through special arrangement and with approval with the Principal'.

Luckily (THANK GOODNESS!) we have a Principal who understands our predicament and has suffered silently with us as she strove to create some changes within the school, however we all have acknowledged that the school can't do any better given the constraints it is currently running with - and this includes people's egos and personal agendas.

It's still a little tricky, as we can't embrace homeschooling in the same way as other homeschoolers - we are still tied to the school and being that they are acting as our moderator, I'm acutely aware that certain things need to be completed and provided to them as evidence for their reporting. Homeschooling moderators are a lot more flexible in their approach.
I am not however, about to look a gift horse in the mouth. If those are the hoops we have to jump through to be able to have the kids home and undo so much of the damage that school has caused, then so be it.

What amazes, thrills and saddens me all at once is how within 5 short days we've already seen huge improvements in areas we've been trying to work through for ages. 5 days of having the cause of anxiety removed and suddenly a child begins to return to their real self.

I've heard my child sing to themself for the first time in ..... a very, very long time. Maybe 2 years.
I've had more hugs than I have in ages and today, I got a kiss! Freely given, child initiated. From a child who is known in our family to not give kisses.

The change is incredible and speaks volumes of the kind of pressures this child has been facing and dealing with. 5 days without attending - with the promise that they will be having a break and when it is time to go back, it will only be a few days a week - and we have change.

It breaks my heart and makes me angry for so many reasons - the endless options we exhausted, the pressure we ourselves put on the child when we ran out of patience and creative alternatives, the pressure we put ourselves under, the fact that we had to fight to get what every professional who stepped in told the school they should be provding and still they couldn't/wouldn't......

But no more. The time for all of that is gone and now there is only to move forward with hope, and excitement at the potential of the next 2 years. And count our blessings for the right people being in the right place at the right time in our lives to make this possible. Better late than never.

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