Friday, May 9, 2014

Getting Connected

The last couple of weeks have been absolutely full for me. Looking forward to some down time soon.
A positive meeting with a teacher was a nice injection - YM's anxiety has translated to some, 'I've done this in homeschooling' resistance in class but also in some neater work so a small win there.
We're still combating some negative publicity within the place, but hopefully with less time at the school to get in trouble and be seen/heard that might dissipate in time. We're all taking a step back from the place.

It's been interesting. I've found gaps in learning and at the same time had EM teach me a made-up method to solve subtraction because they'd not been able to use the method the teachers had shown them. It works, it's logical and it shows EM really understands the mathematics behind it - I was blown away. Unbelievable.

YM has developed a real interest in science so we're doing experiments left right and centre. Have ordered a real chemistry set so they get used to using real equipment from the word go.

And today saw them both enrolled in a sports class over an hour's drive away. Far but worthwhile.
The coach is brilliant. Jovial but firm. Pinged EM every time they weren't giving their best, and insisted on it.
EM ended up losing the silliness and made a concerted effort to concentrate.

Both munchkins at dinner reflected on how much they'd enjoyed the morning and that they liked the coach and the friends they'd met. All going well.

So the kids are seeming far happier and although I'm really tired because it's a lot of extra work and time out of my week, I'm ok with that. This sort of tired beats the emotional exhaustion that we were living with before from the constant meltdowns. We've had patches of poor attitude here and there, but nothing consistent or of the magnitude that we were getting. Life is easier.

Trying not to worry about how long we'll be permitted to do this and trying instead to be very present with it all.

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