Sunday, June 21, 2009

Winter Solstice 2009

It was wet, really wet, cold and blustery but the prospect of a bonfire made for two very excited Munchkins who happily put sticks into the fire and toasted marshmallows in between showers.

It takes a huge effort to get me out on this kind of night, but I guess once a year you have to, to really remind yourself what winter is all about and help you really appreciate the warmer weather when it returns. It helped that we had family around us, a lovely meal, some mulled wine, and a short drumming session which some of the family kindly humoured me with.
Good company and good food will always warm the coldest night.

The rain held off at sunrise this morning, so today for a change I gallantly ventured out to my thinking log, warming my hands on my first morning coffee and counted my blessings out there amongst the dew dripping gumtrees and bird calls. Sigh..... :)