Sunday, March 9, 2008

From small things great things grow!

Well this is it! Welcome to my/our very first blog. Until a week ago I wouldn't have known the first thing about doing my own blog. Until I volunteered at work to set one up for my students and had to learn super fast!

Then - as I was reading other people gardening blogs I saw a great idea - a gardening challenge! And the author asked for the participants to send their blogs. So here you have it.... I have just joined the 'Blogging world' thanks to you!!!

Now being a complete beginner my site will look a bit bare until I get the hang of things, but I will tell you that my challenge entry is a pretty big one - it's to get some success out of permaculture. We have a little vegie patch before - pretty hit and miss, but THIS year....we are getting serious!

Our ultimate goal is to get self-sufficient in vegies at least.

Ok so specifically though - CARROTS! We haven't had any real success with them in the past - just a handful out of the ground.So this year we'll try carrots - for a reasonable harvest of a few different types.

There you have it!

thanks for getting us started!

Nathalie :)