Harvest Record

Always was terrible at sticking to things - so there will no doubt be huge holes in this record!

AUGUST: Rubarb (1kg - enough for plenty of apple and rhubard crumble)
Eggs: 15 +
Silverbeet - Plenty available, mostly Rainbow chard.
1 pepino! (Our first one!)
1 Cape Gooseberry! (our first one!)
1 Fat leek (first of a decent enough size)
Spring onions (good supply - cut and come again)
Lettuce (3 small red) haven't thrived so too the whole thing out.
Tangelos - SURPLUS!
Lemonade lemons - heaps for us and have given heaps away
Grapefruit - no-one eats it (heaps!)
Lemons - enough for lemons whenever we want this time of year.
Limes - last of them on tree now. Have given HEAPS away.
Coriander - planted about 8 plants and all are doing really well. Not bolting yet.

2010 I realise we haven't kept any sort of records of how much produce we are harvesting. No wonder I'm still in the dark about how much to plant.
July  Too late in the month to start here. Some general observations only.
Celery: We have enough celery for our needs (6 big healthy plants).
Spinach: There are 3 main plants which are harvested sparingly. Need 3-4 times the amount really.
Broccolini: Starting to be better now (about 20 plants planted - the heads are small).
Snow peas: I have 2 lots in successive planting. The first one is in full flower with a few snowpeas each day. We don't see any of them in the kitchen as the kids go the plants first thing every day!
Silverbeet: one Ford plant doing ok, though damaged by a snail or caterpiller. The 5 colour (3 plants) is still very small. Need to plant heaps more of this stuff.
Eggs: haha haha (hysterical laughter). Nine chooks and a total of about 9 ....this MONTH. We've had to buy eggs. Definitely non laying in winter. Leghorn the most productive. About 6 of the eggs were hers.
Rhubarb: About 500g - enough to make crumble and a pie a couple of times.
Herbs: Spring onions, parsley, sage and thyme doing very well. Lemon Balm seems to be hating the cold. Coriander starting to bolt. Frost affected too.

Sowed: 5 colour silver beet (seeds), Strawberries and carrots.

Celery:  Enough!

Spinach: Need more
Broccolini: 380g
Snow peas haven't seen much (get eaten by the kids)
Eggs: 17 (started laying again in the last week of Aug)

Celery:  Enough

Spinach: Need more

Broccolini: 350g
 Snow peas 100g

Eggs: 12+




Broccolini: Snow peas