Sunday, March 9, 2008

From small things great things grow!

Well this is it! Welcome to my/our very first blog. Until a week ago I wouldn't have known the first thing about doing my own blog. Until I volunteered at work to set one up for my students and had to learn super fast!

Then - as I was reading other people gardening blogs I saw a great idea - a gardening challenge! And the author asked for the participants to send their blogs. So here you have it.... I have just joined the 'Blogging world' thanks to you!!!

Now being a complete beginner my site will look a bit bare until I get the hang of things, but I will tell you that my challenge entry is a pretty big one - it's to get some success out of permaculture. We have a little vegie patch before - pretty hit and miss, but THIS year....we are getting serious!

Our ultimate goal is to get self-sufficient in vegies at least.

Ok so specifically though - CARROTS! We haven't had any real success with them in the past - just a handful out of the ground.So this year we'll try carrots - for a reasonable harvest of a few different types.

There you have it!

thanks for getting us started!

Nathalie :)


Melinda said...

Hi Nathalie,

So sorry it took so long for me to visit! Welcome to the blogging world, and welcome to The Growing Challenge!

I look forward to hearing more about your adventures in permaculture. That's our ultimate goal here, as well. I'm putting in a few trees and bushes this year, several reseeding annuals and some perennials, and some day we hope to build a couple of swales and ... well lots of other things!

And carrots are one of my favorites. We've grown lots of them - let me know if you want any ideas for types and colors.

pigbook1 said...

Welcome! I can't wait to see how the carrots work out for you.

Kate said...

I hope to see you around the Land of Blog more often now. I am in Adelaide with a blog for our seedsavers group - a bunch of people from beginners to experienced, from a courtyard to a farm and if we can help you out let us know. I have written about permaculture a few times on the blog and I think David Holmgren should be the Prime Minister!

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

HI Ladies - Thanks for your responses and encouragement! I couldn't access my blog for a while because I stupidly mistyped my email address - but all sorted finally so hopefully I'll be sharing some news from now on!