Monday, April 21, 2008

Babies in the garden

And here we have it - some up to date photos taken a mere 8 minutes ago. The vegies have definitely grown since that old pic was taken.

A particular success story this year - so far - has been the garlic. I found a website earlier in the year written by a group of people who were really serious about their garlic (talked to the cloves almost). They suggested soaking the individual cloves in Seasol and Bicarb overnight, and peeling the softened skins the next morning before planting. I have to say we've never had garlic sprout so fast or look so healthy. These were planted just before the Autumn equinox so 5-6weeks ago. See pics.

Here as well we have the baby kiwi vines as mentioned: Only just visible to the left and right of the tree.

And a few other personalities that roam Cwm Goch, Zac our beautiful Border Collie, and one of those much-put-out biddies!

Today's afternoon project is to plant the Broad Beans - we hate them but Nana and Grumps love them so the beans will be for them. And hopefully, we'll actually get some carrots in too....kind of got waylaid from our 'Challenge entry', but at least there's lots of other stuff going in.


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Kate said...

That garlic looks amazing! Later I will give you soem tips on cooking broadbeans on my blog. Stay tuned!