Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunshine through the rain!

There was sunshine at our home today despite the rains... but this golden orb was fluffy!

Zeus, Medusa and Persephone are pleased to announce the arrival of Nysa.

She was born early this morning. Nysa, means 'goal, ambition' - fitting since she was so keen to break out of her egg first.

Another gosling has since arrived this afternoon, but being a little damp still, it was hard to tell the naming will wait until tomorrow though I think it was another little girl. Since these goslings have arrived during a day of spring rain, I'm giving them both Rain Nymph names.

There are still a few eggs to hatch so tomorrow will bring more joy. The Munchkins are delighted. *Sigh* Isn't spring wonderful?!


Lucky-1 said...

Oh congrats on your grand-gosling:) Lurv to have geese, but not where we are at the moment.

Look forward to watching them grow:)

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

Thanks Lucky-1. We have had 4 born, but 1 didn't make it, and we aren't sure why it died. So 3 goslings (a couple more eggs but i'm not sure they'll hatch) which is just wonderful. Hopefully all will be well with these.