Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Permaculture thing is really happening!

A while back I read a wonderful Permaculture book, (can't remember title - have lent it to my cousin) in which, in the opening chapter the author describes her meander from her car to the front door with all the glorious sights and sounds of her permaculture propery and the handful of snacks she grabs all within the 10 metre walk. Ah....bliss!

And reading this I thought 'THAT is the sort of place I want to live in' and I imagined in 20 years or so I might feasibly be doing the same. Well, looking around I'm realising 20 years was unrealisitc. our property is really starting to come along now. And things are happening in a 'permacultural' kind of way, where the progress is exponential because the systems are starting to integrate and weave their magic.

Today I planted another handful of plants, and though these will take a couple of years before they produce, in the interim we have some others which should give us a bit of produce this year. It's so exciting!

Today I bought/planted: A dwarf coffee bush (only grows to 2 metres so perfect as a mid-layer), 2 raspberries, a flame seedless grape, a green variety seedless grape, kiwi vines (pollinating pair), an icecream bean plant, another blueberry, a rose geranium, some fennel, land cress and propagated more pepino. In 3 years - YUMMO!