Monday, April 2, 2012

Photos for Molly!

Ok! I know a poke in the ribs when I feel one!


Left: The sweet potatoes starting to sprawl in the new part of the food forest.

A pumpkin, which took it upon itself to climb up and over the shadehouse and deposit this gift at the entrance.

Below: A Eureka Lemon in close proximity to our Pancakes for Breakfast spot!

Far left: The new pond, potentially.

Left: This is the view to the left of the sweet potato patch. The pond is located roughly in the foreground before the metal structure you can see.

There you go Molly!

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Anonymous said...

The garden is looking wonderful Nat, will post some of mine on the weekend:) I am glad we put the pond in here, it brings so many insects and other wildlife in. The system just feels so much more complete.......and the sound of running water does soothe the soul.