Friday, September 20, 2013

Back from the dead?

It's been ages since I've blogged. Going back to work more days this year has killed off any free time I might have had. And I haven't enjoyed it, but that's life.
But the good news is..... long service leave is just around the corner!!! I will have 3 glorious months to potter in the garden, get to all those jobs around the house that have been on the back burner for ages and generally reconnect with the things I've missed.
I am going to make a few years worth of soap, fill my freezer, grow enough tomatoes to have some stored for next winter, clean windows, pave, play guitar and piano (badly, I'll admit) and most importantly in between that spend heaps of quality time with my family. Hubby has his LSL at the same time, so we'll be dropping kid off to school and revelling in 6 glorious hours of 'quiet' time where we can get some serious work done on the place everyday!!!

Seriously, you have NO idea how excited. Bliss. :)

And it will mean more posts around here for a while too. The place has changed so much. It's lovely to look back through old posts and see it all.
Having neglected the place for 6 months - completely neglected - I went in last weekend and ripped out weeds in an attempt to reinstate paths through the place. Amazingly, things are still there. Sweet potatoes have tiny leaves sprouting, awakened by the odd days of warm weather we've had, strawberry plants are still in place, pepinoes have gone wild and needed serious culling, the hazelnuts are resprouting, tiny unidentified seedlings (that clearly aren't weeds) are popping up. All without any care for half a year. Yep, the 'food forest' nature of our patch is starting to take off. Very pleased to see it can survive without me.

Photos to come.

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