Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cwm What?!

My sister has been visiting tonight and said she really thinks I should make a mention of what 'Cwm Goch' means. It is Welsh and means 'Red Valley' (Cwm is Valley, Goch is Red).
We named our property Cwm Goch because Hywel's Grandfather was born and raised in Wales on a property of this name. It was named for the red poplars which grew there - Valley of the Red Trees.
Since we live in a Valley with Red Gum (Marri - see recent post) thought it was appropriate and a nice way to keep some family history alive too.
So there you have it. Cwm Goch explained!


TheCrone said...

That is so lovely! Thank you for the explaination!

Kate said...

I knew there must be some explanation! Now, just tell us how to pronounce it!!!

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

Cwm is pronounced 'Coom' (with the 'oo' as in Book, not moon)

And Goch is 'Gohhh' (like the scottish say their 'Och!'

Kate said...

Hooray - it makes it easier to come here knowing how to say my destination!