Friday, June 13, 2008

Enjoying the Harvest

My friend from Albany came up today and left armed with seedlings, seeds and inspiration to start a 'serious' vegie garden! And you know what sold the idea? Lunch!
I very quickly threw together a Thai style soup. The only things from the cupboard were the fish, fish sauce and coconut milk. Other ingredients included Bok Choy, Beetroot leaves, silverbeet, spring onion, chives, parsley, chilli, lemon juice, lime juice, kaffir lime leaves, mustard greens, celery, snow peas and nasturtium leaves (basically anything green the kids found and wanted to throw in the basket).
It was actually rather divine - if I do say so myself! And she marvelled at the fact that her two young children happily munched their way through that many vegetables, besides the ones they'd eaten out in the garden. Hence the inspiration!

Here is a picture of the harvest for a salad a couple of weeks ago.

Are we making progress or what!!! Check out that proudly blemished capsicum - no pesticides here! Just need to plant more - lots more, so we can harvest more than once a week/two!


Anonymous said...

Brilliant harvest CWM, that basket of goodies looks wonderful!


Cathode said...

what are the purple leaves?

Kate said...

Isn't it great to be able to pick most of the stuff for a meal from your own garden. Whatever is in season and ready to be picked in my garden determines what I cook, everyday.Never do I need to go shopping because there is nothing to eat - just go out to the garden and dream up a meal! Sure we have to buy things but they are the extras, not the base of the meal.

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

Molly: Doesn't it just! We were very proud!

Cat: the purple leaves are kale. They went in last year and somehow survived the summer and came back (all with buckets of neglect and NO water!). That's my kind of plant!
When it bolts I'll pass on some seed.

Kate: Absolutely. I have to say we are eating far more greens in our diet than ever before. Never ever bought as many as our garden supplies. hence the Thai soups and tonight chicken stir fry (full of greens and new broccoli shoots - Yum!

Cathode said...

Thanks, Id like that : )

Melinda said...

Beautiful harvest! Isn't it exciting when we inspire others to change? Wow. It's what keeps me blogging. ; )