Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Five Glorious Five....

A Munchkin in our home turned 5 today! We had a fun filled morning with the Munchkin's Kindy friends and a family gathering tonight.
Munchkin seriously stalled going to bed tonight. Obviously didn't want the day to end. And stroking that soft little Munchkin's hair as they settled into bed tonight, neither did I . Where does the time go? How do babies grow so fast? I try to savour the moments and yet every time I stop to look, it feels like so many have just slipped through my fingers.

I guess most parents feel this way...and to those of you out there who don't - please share your wisdom. I could use it.


Anonymous said...

Nat, I hear every word, I too wonder where all those years went. If I had my time over again here is what I would think about doing:
Starting a diary or new blog based solely on my childrens years. I would allocate 1 hour per week just to write about the weeks activities, funny happenings, cute outpourings etc, that time wouldnt be negotiable, it would be record time........just my thoughts:)

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

Thanks Molly - knew I could count on you for some pearls of wisdom.
I've neglected my scrapbooking for ages - where I used to do that sort of thing. I think I might get back into it.

Cathode said...

What a wonderful cake Nat!

I have been requested for a Dragon party this year :(

I don't know if I have ever told you what I do with my children, but every year for their birthday I write them a letter. In it I put things like what they have done during that year and how I have felt, my feelings for them, things I have learned etc.
Being boys (if they are like my brother) they will probably just chuck it all in the bin as soon as they are old enough, lol.

Take care and I hope we can catch up soon!

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

Thanks Cat,
Cake was easy but I was pretty pleased with the results.

A dragon party sounds cool!!!!

Re: the letter - I actually do this too. I have them saved up and thought I'd give them to the kids when they turn 21. I hope they don't throw them out - must make copied for myself if that's a risk, cos they're darn precious to me.

Hope you're doing well with the recovery and all.
Nat X