Sunday, August 8, 2010

Introducing Zeus, Medusa and Persephone

Zeus (the Goose...well ok gander) was so named because he was the underdog in his previous home. We felt he needed a fresh start with a bold name. He is the white one with beautiful blue eyes.
I guess we had a theme at that point, and Hubby suggested Medusa for one of the females, as she is very beautiful, has a snake like head and hisses!!! You can see her in the background to the right.

We have named the second female (hidden behind Zeus) Persephone. Goddess of spring who was said to make the earth fertile (one of the reasons we got geese!). She is also beautiful.

They are settling in it seems. Though they are still nervous of us, Zeus will take food from my hand, and the others from less than half a metre away if I put it down between us. They love carrots!

Hubby saw some mating antics happening amidst the waterplay, and indeed one of the females - I didn't see who, is making a nest...and has laid an egg in it. I'm not counting any goslings before they hatch. I'd LOVE for them to hatch some this spring, but realistically, I would have thought the trauma of moving home would mean she probably won't sit that well.

Time will tell. Meanwhile we are thoroughly enjoying them and looking forward to letting them out into the orchard in the weeks ahead.


Lucky-1 said...

They are so gorgeous and I am so looking forward to more storied about them.

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

HI Lucky-1!
Thanks for dropping by! I'll be posting more photos I'm sure - today they ventured out ever so briefly to the little pen we've set up outside their shelter. Then they noticed me watching and quickly marched back inside. At least they feel safe in the shelter. Small steps.

By the way, i love your softies idea for the hospital. The library at my school had that book on display and I'm thinking I might get hold of it when it's back on the shelf and send you something.
Be warned I'm a little slow with sewing... but it'll come!