Friday, December 26, 2008

Djingle Bells, Djingle Bells!

Well Christmas has come and gone. Phew! With all our preparations I missed sending all the International family and friends cards this year. Will make it up to them with a letter in a week or so I promise!
Christmas at our place went remarkably well. It was actually really mellow and low stress on the day, thanks to everyone bringing a dish. All 40 odd guests fitted comfortably in the space. The weather was perfect, 28degrees with a cool breeze in the arvo, ideal for having lunch out on the decking. And the kids were entertained all day by their lovely cousins whom they adore. Sigh :).

Today was spent clearing away most of the mess, at our leisure and looking after my friend's two beautiful munchkins so she could spend some time with her parents (who are both unwell). After a hyperactive morning (mostly on the part of our kids not hers) they all settled and we have spent a wonderful afternoon playing games, eating popcorn and getting double the amount of kids ready for dinner, bath and bed. I think it was fluke, but it all went really smoothly. All tucked into bed now and sound asleep. :)

I take it back. Just checked. HERS are asleep...mine are stealing food out of the pantry and sticking scratch & sniff stickers on their wall.... quiet can be so deceiving!

The boys enjoyed their presents, and accepted without question that Santa's reindeer had left the deposits they found on the lawn (Shetland pony droppings kindly delivered by a friend while we were out to Christmas eve dinner). And as for me, I got seriously spoilt for Christmas receiving a Djembe from hubby and my Secret Santa (Uncle Gordon). It sounds wonderful, though with all the people about the last couple of days I still have yet to have a proper go on it. Can't very well pound away once the kids are in bed either. Aah, patience...

I feel more relaxed this holiday than ever before. Usually I don't feel this way until a week before holidays end, and then have to face work prep. This last week, busy as it has been has been wonderful. Having hubby home on holidays at the same time has been great.
And best of that it's all over, we have a gorgeous house and garden to sit back and relax in for the rest of the holidays. :)

To all of you out there - I hope you had as wonderful a Christmas as we did. :)

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Anonymous said...

Good to hear you all had a super time, may your New Year be just as wonderful!