Monday, January 5, 2009

@*&!ing March Flies!

I am strongly debating the right of this post to be placed under a 'Beauty of Cwm Goch' label.
We have been inundated with March flies (Family Tabanidae) this year - more than ever before.

Here is a picture.

You may notice the photo of the March fly and my knee is slightly blurry - that's because it is DARNED hard to keep still when these things are biting you - even through pants!

The females have a nasty bite and this year have swarmed on us in groups of up to 10 at a time the minute we step outside. The info on them says they are attracted to dark blue (which we haven't been wearing). They just seem attracted to any bare skin they can find. No amount of insect repellant or Eucalyptus oil, which we use around the decking to ward off the usual house flies, seems to work.

Cat suggested fly traps - we're looking into those. Any other suggestions gratefully accepted. We are wearing long sleeves and jeans in 40degree heat just to be able to venture outside.



TheCrone said...

I went out to Glen Forrest on NYE and had my first encounter with these pests, The Husband and the Teen have told me in no uncertain terms that they will not move to the hills if these flies live there.

Those buggers hurt when they bite!

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

They sure do - to reassure you though Crone they are only around for some of the summer. The rest of the year you don't see them. This year has been particularly bad for them.

Anonymous said...

Make a repellent using equal parts of Dettol, lavendar oil or lemon scented gum oil and baby oil, I have found this works well on the flies and mossies!

naturewitch said...

What about citronella oil? Would that be of any use? xx

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

Molly - even March flies?

Naturewitch - we tried Citronella and found it didn't seem to have any effect (it did on mizzies and normal flies but not the March flies).

Here is a niche market just waiting for someone to make millions from it!

Anonymous said...

Well I've never been bitten when using it, others have, could be my hormone levels or the stuff really works LOL

Cathode said...

Fly Traps I tells ya!